Sunday, October 05, 2014


on Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Discovered in p3:
nor avoice from afire bellowsed mishe mishe to tauftauf thuartpeatrick...

Humpty Dumpty says:
“A pair of bellows is originally an instrument of a smith to blow air into the fire. The basic verb sense is “to blow with bellows for making fire,” & since a sound the device produces, I’ve not heard yet, might be like a man’s or animal’s roar; thus, the word has got the more common  senses “to roar in pain or anger; to sing a song loudly & tunelessly.” Bellows was also used as a metaphor for something that blows up the fire of passion or discord; or one’s lungs;  or broken-winded horse. Belly & bellows have the same origin: Old English bæl, bęl ‘bag, skin, envelope, hull of beans and peas.”



ベロウズっちゅうんは鍛冶屋が火に空気を吹き込むための道具じゃ。基本的動詞語義は「火をおこす為にこの道具で火に空気を吹き込む」ことじゃ。おらはまだ聞いたことはないげんども、この道具の出す音が人や動物のうめき声に似ているらしいことから、この言葉は更に一般的な「怒りや苦しみに唸る、大声で、あるいは、調子っぱずれに歌う」といった語義を獲得したんじゃ。ベロウズは更に比喩では、情熱や不和の炎をかきたてるもの、人の肺腑、息切れする馬のことじゃった。英語の belly bellows は同じ語源じゃ。古い英語゛では、「袋、皮、封筒、鞘」を指す言葉じゃった」

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