Friday, September 16, 2011

Nature Provides Exceptions

Nature Provides Exceptions

Nature provides exceptions to every rule.

── Margaret Fuller

This is a quotation that American transcendentalist Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) says in her book Women in the Nineteenth Century. She traveled from Chicago via Niagara Falls to Buffalo, interacting American Native tribes in summer, 1843, & she wrote the adventures as a book of Summer on the Lakes. She was the first woman to be allowed to enter the library at Harvard College & she used it to create the work, especially to research the Great Lakes.
She was then asked to write a serial essay for The Dial of Emerson. The title was The Great Lawsuit. She expanded it. 1845, & published as a book with the title Women in the Nineteenth Century. The book is the milestone of American history of feminism.
 アメリカの超越主義者マーガレット・フラーが著した『十九世紀の女性たち』に 見出せるフレーズ。一八四三年の夏にシカゴからナイアガラを経由してニューヨ ーク州のバッファローまで旅をしながらネイティブアメリカンとも交流したフラ ーは、その体験を『五大湖の夏』と題する本にまとめた。彼女はハーバード大の図書館への入館を許された史上初の女性で、この本を著すにあたっては、特に五大湖に関する資料を参照した。

Margaret Fuller

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