Friday, May 25, 2012

Economic Paradox

Here’s a farmer that hang’d himself on th’expectation of plenty.
--- W. Shakespeare, Macbeth 2-3

It is not sure in economics that plenty production makes makers happy any time. Good supply is not always linked with good economy. It means that prices are going down in the market. Now, the manufacturers of semiconductors, TV’s, & solar panels, are in global discount wars. Good supply makes users happy, but some people can no longer live in such bad times.

In the time of Shakespeare, or earlier, there may have been like this situation in the agricultural production. A porter of Macbeth's castle pretending a gatekeeper of Hell, hears knock, knock, knock,  & then, says to himself (Macbeth Act 2 Scene3) :

Here’s a farmer that hang’d himself on th’expectation of plenty.


シェイクスピアの時代かそれ以前から、農業生産においてこの状況と似たようなことがあったのだろう。地獄の門番気取りのマクベスの城の守衛は、トントントンという音を聞いて、こう言う (『マクベス』第二幕第三場)


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Hanging is too good (吊るす = 首を吊るすこと「絞首、首吊り」) の例。
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